Returning Home From Hospital

The best thing about going to hospital is going home again.

Returning Home From Hospital

Hospital is not a place any of us want to be, however as we age, the chances of us needing a hospital stay increase. As the chance of us being admitted to hospital increases, it may be useful to consider the following:

  • Which hospital would you want to be admitted to (remember the HSE ambulance service will take you to the nearest HSE A&E Unit, which may not be your first choice of hospital).
  • Who will secure your house, whilst you are in hospital. (Consider who will lock all the doors, turn off the heating system, feed the dog and so forth)

Home Care

  • Who will bring you clean clothing, magazines to you in hospital
  • Who is your next of kin, and will speak to doctors, nurses, arrange discharge on your behalf (if required)?
  • What can you do to prevent re-admission to hospital after you get home?
  • What support do you need to put in place to help you get home?

The most common reasons for re-admission that need to be considered and managed appropriately at home are:

  • Medication problems
  • Falls in the home
  • No contact with relevant healthcare professional – rehabilitation plan not implemented
  • Malnutrition/dehydration.

Home Instead Senior Care is always in a position to help with your support system when you return home from hospital. Phone the Waterford office on 051-333966