Seniors love a Sunday Dinner

Sometimes its easy to forget simple joys.  We are all too busy these days!  Take time this weekend to get the family together for an old-fashioned Sunday dinner. Whether you plan a midday or early evening meal, slowing down with good food and good company is a grand way to celebrate the importance of family.

Gather the Family

Sunday dinners are meant to be multi-generational. This means grandparents and toddlers, teenagers and baby boomers sit down at the same time in the same place and break bread.

family dinner

An Afternoon Meal 

In the old days, Sunday dinner was at two or three o’clock. There’s good reason for this timetable. It frees the morning for cooking, browsing in farmer’s markets, bicycling with the kids, going to church, or household chores.

When it’s time for dinner, the afternoon hour means there’s time to relax and enjoy the day before it’s time for Sunday night, pre-work-week rituals.

If you prefer, an early evening meal is equally enjoyable