From the recent Budget

  • The Half Rate Carers Allowance is maintained for all fulltime carers.
  • Carers Allowance remains unchanged at €204.
  • Carers Benefit remains unchanged at €205.
  • The additional weekly payment of 50% for carers caring for more than one person is retained.Budget 2014
  • The annual Respite Care Grant of €1375 for each care
    recipient remains unchanged.
  • Free Travel Scheme remains unchanged.
  • TV Licence, Electricity/Gas Allowance of the Household
  • Benfits Package remain, however the Telephone Allowance of €9.50 will be discontinued from January 2014.
  • The Bereavement Grant of €850 paid on the death of a loved one will be discontinued from January 2014.
  • The €230.30 weekly rate for Invalidity Pension will be discontinued for those age 65 and aligned to the €193.50 currently paid to those under 65.
  • Funding towards Exceptional Needs Payments will be reduced by €2.1 million.