My Mom is a night owl with Alzheimer’s !

Question: My mom has always been a night owl – how can I get her to change her sleep patterns so late in life? I’m worried she’ll try to cook something late at night or trip over something in the dark.

Answer I understand that it can be hard to care for a night owl!

I think you are in a tough situation since the odds are her pattern is pretty set. I think you have to accept that she will be up at night and make some environmental plans.

I like a book by Mark Warner called Alzheimer’s Proofing Your Home. (Purdue University Press) It has some good ideas to make the home safer.

Some of them include taking knobs off the stove and turning down the water temperature

Be careful that she doesn’t exit the house while you are sleeping. This can be dangerous.

Good luck with the situation — if you are can get a CAREGiver to stay overnight that might be the best bet. They can keep her busy and safe.